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Product Name:SSDH‐C615

Product Description

System Sensor Electrical Fire Monitoring System includes SSDH-J610R & SSDH-J620 electrical fire monitoring system controller, SSDH-S612 residual current detector, SSD-C615 thermal detector, SSDH-C1 terminal thermal probeand SSDH-SY 30~1600 mutualinductance device. The system uses magnetic current field effect and temperature effect of the electrical current lines and temperature changes transmitted to the monitoring equipment, when current or the temperature suddenly changes, the detector carries on the analysis to the change peak-to-peak value and compares with the warning setting value, and then transmits alarm signal and warning address to the monitoring equipment. ​

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Technical Description

Monitoring Equipment Capacity: 128 detectors, 8 SPST relay outputs ( SSDH-J610R )

Communication Distance: Up to 1200 meters

Response Time: ≤30 seconds (from detected value hitting threshold value to audible/visible, LCD alarm emitted)

Relay Electronic Contact Capacity: AC 120V/1A, DC 24V/1A

Outputs Power Supply Capacity: 24V/1A, if higher is needed, please use other independent power supply

Event Records Capacity: Recent 256 events ( warning, breakdown, replacement )

乐投letou官网 Controller Operating Power Supply: AC 220V/50HZ

Working Conditions: Temperature range 0-55℃(32-131℉), Humidity<95%

Backup Power Supply: DC 24V, 4Ah

Power Of Controller: Inspecting Mode <30W, Warning Condition <60W

External Dimensions: 600×372×130mm ( wall-mounting type )

乐投letou官网 Weight: 10Kg ( backup power supply included )