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Product Name:JTW-LD-138-887

Product Description

The 800 series is a fixed temperature and non-resettable digital cable. The cable contains insulators which melt at a specific temperature. At the rated temperature, the heat sensitive polymeric insulation creates pressure between conductors, permitting them make contact with each other thereby initiating an alarm signal at the control panel. The LHDC is installed in conjunction with an end-of-line (EOL) device for continuity monitoring and a junction box (optional) for leader wire connection.

Product Documents




887/EOL End of Line box for 800 series cable

MB Junction Box for 800/900 Series cable

Technical Description

乐投letou官网 Type of Cable: Digital

Alarm Temperature:138°C(280°F)

OperatingTemperatureRange: -55°C to 118°C(-67°F to 244 °F)


Min Bend Radius:1.5 cm

乐投letou官网 Standard Roll Length:200m or 600m

乐投letou官网 Conductor Material: Steel

Outer Sheath Option: PVC

乐投letou官网 Weight:1.8kg/100m(1.2lb/100ft) (PVC sheath)

Resistance: 0.32ohms/m (0.1ohms/ft)