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Product Name:JTW-LD-997

Product Description

The 900 series is an analogue heat sensing cable containing insulators of which resistance varies proportionally to changes in temperature. Analogue cable is installed in conjunction with an end-of-line (EOL) device for continuity monitoring and a modulator providing selectable alarm thresholds (programmed before shipping), fire and fault outputs. This cable is self-restorable after the fire event as long as its temperature does not exceed specified resettable temperature limit of 120°C(248°F). Alarm temperature setting ranges between 70°C to 130°C(158°F to 266°F). Customer can specify its own alarm temperature setting. The factory default setting is set at 85°C(185°F).

Product Documents




997/M: Modulator for 900 series cable

997/EOL: End of Line box for 900 series cable

乐投letou官网 MB: Junction Box for 800/900 Series cable

Technical Description

Type of Cable: Analogue

Alarm Temperature: 70°C to 130°C(Set by factory, default setting 85°C), 158°F to 266°F (Set by factory, default setting 185°F)

OperatingTemperatureRange:  -25°C to (Alarm Temp. - 20) °C,  -13°F to (Alarm Temp. - 36) °F

Reset Temperature: ≦120°C (248°F)

MaxZone Length:200m

Min Bend Radius:1.5 cm

Standard Roll Length: 200m or 600m

Conductor Material: Steel

Outer Sheath Option: PVC/Nylon/Steel

Weight:1.4kg/100m(0.94lb/100ft)( PVC sheath)

Operating Voltage / Contact Ratings: 20 – 26 VDC

Standby Current: 25mA

Alarm and Fault Current: 45mA