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Product Name:DZ-B001FS

Product Description

DZ-B001FS fire detector waterproof base is designed for 100 series, 200 series, 800 series firedetectors and corresponding B401, B501and B801 base manufactured by System Sensor. With the waterproof base, these threeseries detectors will possess IP44 protectiongrade. Thewaterproof basecanprotect the detectors insidefrom influence of adverse factors from top direction to a certain extent so that the fire detector operates normally under harsh environment.

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Technical Description

乐投letou官网 External dimension: 141mm×127mm×52mm

Maximal external dimension of waterproof joints assembled: 167mm×135mm×80mm(100 series, 200 series)167mm×135mm×87mm(800 series)

Material: ABS

Applicable detector: 100 series, 200 series, 800 series

Applicable wire diameter: 8mm-14mm

Weight: 110g (only weight of the waterproof base)

Operating temperature range: -25℃to 80℃

IP class: IP44