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Product Name:SAP-M001FS

Product Description

乐投letou官网SAP-M001FS manual call point waterproof case is designed for M400K,M500K, M900Kseriesmanual call points andJ-SAB-M-M500KEIS EX-proof manual call point manufactured by System Sensor. ​

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Technical Description

External dimension: 145mm×135mm×82mm

Maximal external dimension of waterproof joints assembled: 167mm×135mm×82mm

乐投letou官网 Dimension of transparent window area: 75mm×88mm

Maximal dimension after the upper cover is opened: 286mm×135mm×151mm

Maximal opening angle of the upper cover:145° 

乐投letou官网 Shell material: bottom shell: transparent PC; upper cover: ABS

Shell color: bottom shell: fire alarmred; upper cover:clear transparent

乐投letou官网 Applicable embedded case: 86mm embedded case

Applicable wire diameter: 8mm-14mm

Weight: 180g (only weight of the waterproof case) 

Range of operating temperature: -25℃to 80℃

乐投letou官网 IP class: IP66